Things to do in Merritt Island Florida

Local Information

The area around River Fly-In condo has been undergoing primary structure and infra-structure re-development with an outlook for a complete 'facelift'' in the next few years.  

This results from private enterprise, Merritt Island Airport Authority (TICO), and Brevard County creating a particular branch, MIRA, (Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency). As such, there are many things to do on Merritt Island! 

This is exciting news for River Fly-in residents. New infrastructure brings ways for entertainment, improved living, and better business. 


Abutting to the North of River Fly-In clubhouse, the county purchased the property from Pulte Homes over a decade ago. It got converted into Veterans Memorial Park with lakes, and a waterfront outlook bridge facing the Banana River. The Veterans Memorial convention center has already existed in this location.  

Aside from adding beauty and serenity to this pristine area, the park solved the stormwater retention issue of the corridor between Hwy 528 and Merritt Island Airport, paving the path for homes and businesses to connect to city sewers and allow re-development.  

An access exists from Cone road near River Fly to Veterans Memorial Park.  Residents and visitors of River Fly-In condos would be able to walk or take their bicycles into the park and then to the Merritt Island Mall property. Brevard County is building a million dollar amphitheater with many more improvements planned in near future for the park.

Veterans Memorial Park Benefits

This 82-acre park has a variety of benefits, including:

  • open to the public
  • open 7 days a week
  • rentals available for the picnic area and other park facilities
  • fishing pier
  • walking and hiking trails
  • three ponds
  • canoe launch ramp
  • paddleboard and kayak rentals
  • home to a variety of birds and wildlife

This park is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


To the west, Brevard County has just finished a 3.6 million dollar project to pipe the Cone road ditch and convert surrounding septic tanks to city sewer. 

Cone road, which is the primary egress and ingress to River Fly-In Condos, has been resurfaced. This is a massive relief to locals, as it is a major artery of traffic flow.

Easy access to your property is a huge benefit when coming and going to and from your home.


The airport authority (TICO) has a 2.8 million dollar plan to rehabilitate the north apron to the southwest. 

The current north entrance to the airport from River Fly-In condo's main entrance is about 700 feet. Conceivably a closer walk-in entrance along the northeast side of the airport may be procured.

Cape Canaveral Hospital that is currently located on a barrier island 3 miles northeast of River Fly-In Condos, is being relocated to a newly planned location across from the Merritt Island Mall, where currently the Healthplex (now closed) resides. The Health First Board of Directors has approved a 300 million dollar hospital and health village that will be within 1/3 of mile of River Fly condos.  This project is now underway.

More About Health First

Health First is the area's local community health care system committed to excellence in patient care and service since 1995.

The system includes:

  • Holmes Regional Medical Center
  • Cape Canaveral Hospital
  • Viera Hospital 
  • Health First Physician Group
  • Health First Medical Group
  • HH Rehabilitation Institute of Florida 
  • The Community Care Network 
  • The Children's Centers for Pediatrics, Behavioral Health & Education
  • HomeCare agency

Health First is recognized by the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association as one of only seven national Accountable Care Organizations.

Being so closely located by a hospital is an excellent benefit because it provides peace of mind in an emergency. 

Health First Doctors in Merritt Island, FL, can provide a wide range of medical services, from going to the dentist to seeing a specialist.

Merritt Island Mall

Brevard County has vision to re-develop the Merritt Island Mall with waterfront shops. This is a great benefit as it will provide locals with

  • a new and improved shopping experience
  • fun activities to do in the area
  • a unique place of employment for locals to work
  • entertainment

Space Programs

NASA, along with Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin, and others , are putting Merritt Island, Florida on the map by increasing their technology, business programs and infrastructure.

For employees who specialize in this field, Merritt Island is the perfect place to reside.

Live, Fly, Play, Shop, Work

Merritt Island Airport improvement projects, River Fly-In Condos construction, Veterans Memorial Park continued improvements, Merritt Island Mall re-development, and a newly built Cape Canaveral Hospital, all within 1/2 miles, will create a new revived district of 'live, fly, play, shop and work'.

Brevard County is about to undergo its historic boom, more significant than the one in the 1960s at the time of inception of space program.  

NASA with its new programs, Cape Canaveral Airstation now with space force creation, private space industries including Space X, Blue Origin, etc., Port Canaveral now being the biggest passenger cruise ship port in the world (3 billion dollar expansion in progress), Northrop Grumman with a contract for next-generation defense industry aircraft, high-speed train coming to the county, and many other industries, all creating a major uplift in the real estate market.

For those who crave nature, entertainment, and family fun, there is never a dull moment in Merritt Island. Now, with new renovations, locals have an opportunity to live the life they've always dreamed of.

History of Merritt Island

Located roughly 50 miles east of Orlando, Merritt Island is a peninsula that extends 62 miles in Central East Florida.

In 1605, a Spanish explorer, Alvaro Mexia visited the area on a diplomatic mission where local tribes were residing on the Indian River. These local tribes were referred to as AIS people. Unfortunately, a plague wiped out these native tribes.

However, in 1760s, the Elliot Plantation was founded, which is considered to be the first permanent settlement on Merritt Island. This plantation grew and milled sugar.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the population began to expand as the Space Race exploded and NASA expanded.


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to a protected buffer area for rocket launches at the nearby Kennedy Space Center. Roughly 356 species of birds can be found on the peninsula. Other wildlife includes:

  • dolphins
  • manatees
  • alligators
  • Florida panthers
  • feral pigs

Merritt Island is home to a wide variety of animals.

And on the eastern side of Merritt Island, many dolphins can be seen in the Indian River Lagoon.

Manatees are also commonly found in the waterway, along with alligators.

To this day, NASA still captures and studies Florida panthers on Merritt Island to keep track of their population numbers.

Geography & Meteorology

The climate is typical subtropical maritime with few extreme weather events other than tropical cyclones, which occasionally affect the island because of its proximity to Central Florida's Atlantic coast.

There was a hurricane in 1989 that brought intense rainfall over three days to both coasts of the county. However, Hurricane Andrew's effects were primarily felt in southern areas of the county.

The temperature is hot in summer and mild in winter, with lows dipping to 40 degrees F (4 C) at times though temperatures below 20 (F or -6 C) are rare. There is an average of one afternoon thunderstorm per year.

Summers can be humid with frequent thunderstorms, but it cools down considerably at night.

River Fly-In Condominium Information

This beautiful and serene area offers those living in luxury waterfront condominiums the opportunity to live near all the happenings of Merritt Island. This resort-style complex features a guarded gate entry, athletic courts, an outdoor pool, spa and salon services, and more. 

The surrounding community of Merritt Island is home to fantastic shopping, dining opportunities, state parks, and beautiful beaches. Unique attractions nearby include Kennedy Space Centre, Cocoa Beach Pier, Brevard Zoo, and so much more.

The River Fly-In Condominiums are located in the heart of Merritt Island, surrounded by nature, making these waterfront condos ideal for a relaxing and rejuvenating home.

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