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Fly into the best-kept secret on Florida’s Space Coast: Merritt Island Airport (COI), and enjoy direct access to everything this recreational paradise has to offer. River Fly-In is the premier fly-in community in Merritt Island and a gem for anyone with a passion for flight, sunny days, and waterside views. 

Merritt Island is located 20 miles south of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, 54 miles east of the Spruce Creek airpark community, and a short five miles from the white sands of Cocoa Beach. The island is surrounded by pristine and protected land, including 140,000 acres within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, perfect for hiking, fishing, bird-watching, hunting, and kayaking.

Nowhere else on Earth can you live a paradise dream by day and watch rockets launch into space by night from the comfort of your luxury condominium. And all this is just one mile from the 3,601-foot lighted runway at the Merritt Island Airport and COI’s unmatched amenities

River Fly-In is the perfect playground for any aviation enthusiast.



Say Hello to Your Home Away From Home

At River Fly-In, the world awaits you. 

These high-rise, luxury condos are adjacent to a modernized private airport so you have easy access to all the flight clubs and other aeronautical amenities at COI — and the on-site private facilities, which are open to both residents and guests. 

Everything you could need, want, or even dream of is a short walk away, including a grocery store, putting area, nature trails, and airplane hangers. And whenever you want to explore further — by car or by plane — you’re a one-hour drive from Orlando and a 30-minute flight from the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas. 

Welcome to a Pilot’s Dream

Fly-in communities give pilots a haven for all things aviation. But River Fly-In is more than that: It’s an oasis for flight enthusiasts that offers everything from viewings of rockets launching into space from your living room window to personal flight lessons and some of the best bird-watching opportunities in the country. 

Merritt Island Airport serves as your getaway base with a nearly 4,000-foot asphalt runway less than a mile from your door. Get direct taxiway access whether you’re flying in from Daytona Beach, Spruce Creek Airport, New Port Richey, or anywhere in between or far beyond.

If you love to watch planes land or prefer to fly your own, there’s no better place to fly than Merritt Island, FL. 

More Than Just a Runway 

Whether you make River Fly-In your second home, a winter haven, or permanent residence, some of the best airport amenities are right next door.

Beyond that is a dreamy paradise: Spend your days off basking in the sun, feeling the cool breeze on your skin, boating through the Banana River or Sykes Creek — and hopefully, you’ll catch a glimpse of some of Florida’s grandest wildlife, like dolphins, manatees, alligators, and pelicans.


Welcome to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve, located just steps from your very own condo

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Tucked neatly between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll enjoy both beautiful ground and flight views.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Merritt Island and the River Fly-In community is about taking control of your life and making it the best it can be. Enroll in flight school to improve your skills or get the training you need to become a licensed pilot.


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The airport has an aviation school where you can sign up to take classes with a licensed flight instructor. With small class sizes (including one-on-one training), you get personalized instruction — helping you take your skills to the next level or take off for the first time. 

As a private hangar that caters to small aircraft and all skill levels, this is the place to be if you want to learn from the best and build relationships with others who share your love for the skies. 

Your Craft Is In Good Hands

Know that your aircraft is in good hands when you land in our private hangars with round-the-clock servicing, secure storage, and direct access to specialty expertise at the airport. 

The Merritt Island Airport provides aircraft maintenance, an essential for modern fly-in communities. With experienced technicians on-site at the airport, you can get your plane serviced quickly and take off again with confidence. 


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You can also rent an aircraft to spend time flying before purchasing your plane. Try out the feel of different planes, practice your aviation skills, and enjoy the stunning views as you fly over Space Coast, the Atlantic Ocean, or even head South to visit West Palm Beach, Miami, and the Bahamas.

If you’re interested in purchasing your first plane or upgrading, Merritt Island, FL, is the place to be.

A Fly-In Community Unlike Any Other 

Fly-in communities have always helped serve the world’s pilots by giving them a place to land, refuel, and be around other pilots. But River Fly-In in Merritt Island, FL, offers far more than your standard aviation experience.

From the direct access to rocket launches at the Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the proximity to beautiful Florida beaches and wildlife, this is sheer heaven for aeronautic enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and anyone awestruck by flight itself. 


Watch rockets launch from Cape Canaveral — an unbelievable sight you can’t get just anywhere

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Watch rockets take off from Cape Canaveral, adjacent to the Space Center. But here’s the best part: Both are close enough to River Fly-In to allow clear views of the rockets heading into space. And you can watch in the comfort of your condo, which is reinforced with a sound barrier so you can watch in blissful silence. 

These newly built high-rises have high-grade fiberglass windows and doors that act as a natural sound barrier. And, combined with electric car charging stations, private aircraft hangers, and triple-layer security, it’s a fantastic place to call home.

Curious about more? Here’s what else you should know about fly-in communities and the spectacular one at Merritt Island. 

Where is the fly-in community in Florida? 

While there are over 80 fly-in communities in Florida, most of these locations follow the traditional airpark model: They’re facilities for pilots to fly in and house their aircraft with nearby residences, golf courses, and other amenities to enjoy. 

River Fly-In is different. It’s the only high-rise condominium on the Atlantic coast that offers all the perks of a fly-in community — the aviation services, airport facilities, a nearby golf course with golf carts, the aeronautic camaraderie — as well as exceptional amenities for residents. 

At River Fly-In, property owners and their guests can spend time at the state-of-the-art clubhouse with a movie theater, exercise in the workout room, play a few games at the pickleball or tennis courts, improve their skills on the putting green, and enjoy nature walks on 30 acres of land.

All of these amenities and more are nestled within a private gated community for you, verified guests, and other residents. 

Are fly-in communities expensive? 

Residences that are part of a fly-in community benefit from many facilities and amenities that aren’t open to the public.

As such, there are costs associated with living in one of these communities. But for many, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Whether you live on Merritt Island year-round, are a winter snowbird who travels to Florida for the weather, or are curious about a coastal investment property to rent out — a condo next to wetland preserves, a private airport, and the Space Center make this a dream come true. 

River Fly-In condominiums are competitively priced and come with low HOA fees. Condo units range from $430,000 for 1,400 square feet and a balcony to just under $1 million for a 3-bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom condo on one of the upper floors. 

Learn more about our pricing today.

What is there to do in Merritt Island, FL? 

Merritt Island is a popular destination for families, snowbirds, outdoorsmen, and space enthusiasts because there’s so much to explore in one area — and the weather is stunning for most of the year! This makes it the perfect home away from home!


Enjoy waterfowl hunting on over 35,000 acres of the wildlife refuge between September and January

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Brevard County is known for fishing, hunting, boating, and flying — as well as being home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, which hosts NASA’s Artemis Program and serves as the launching base for companies like Boeing, Blue Origin, and SpaceX. 

This Florida island also features one of the most productive estuaries in the country at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which has 35,000 acres dedicated to waterfowl hunting, a big game archery hunt each year in the uplands, prime spots for fishing, including the Indian River Lagoon and Banana River, and spectacular bird-watching opportunities. Interested families can take a trip to the Brevard Zoo and join the exclusive nature club.

Whether you like to spend your time hiking through mangrove-rimmed shorelines, boating, fishing, or learning about aircraft of all shapes and sizes — there’s always something to do on Merritt Island.

Why do fly-in communities exist? 

Fly-in communities and airparks offer a place for flight enthusiasts to pursue their hobbies and professional goals while enjoying the company of others who share the same interests. 

But there are different tiers of experience found at fly-in communities. Florida has dozens, but they’re all unique. The value primarily depends on the location, the quality of the residences, and the available amenities.

River Fly-In is in its own category for several reasons. First, River Fly-In is the country’s only high-rise with a nearby landing strip, waterfront access, and a nature park. It also has everything you need to enjoy life, including a daily buffet and dining area, an electric car and golf cart charging, a spa and salon, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit.

But it’s not just what’s available outside that makes River Fly-In a cut above the rest: It’s also the building itself. 

Built using innovative technologies, it’s protected against hurricanes and tropical storms. It’s also shielded from outside sound and vibrations. This means that residents can enjoy peace and quiet — day and night. River Fly-In condos also meld modern design with a resort-style feel, achieving true luxury in one of the Sunshine State’s most coveted locations. 

Make Merritt Island Your Aviation Oasis

Real estate in Florida never lasts long. If you have any questions, call 321-506-6065 or contact us online

Can’t wait to make your dream a living paradise? Learn more about the River Fly-In community and check out our available high-rise luxury condos today.

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