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aboutDr. Wasim Niazi, president of I&H Real Estate, Inc. is the perfect developer for River Fly-In. Pictured here by the beautiful Glasair he built himself, Dr. Niazi is an active fixed and rotary wing pilot and a true visionary in the world of aviation. 

A board certified neurologist with an active practice in the Space Coast, Dr. Niazi years ago saw the promise of combining his love of flying with the enjoyment of a residential community to be shared with fellow pilots.

He began quietly looking into the possibilities of a project such as River Fly-In and through sincere dedication and perseverance, was able to see it come to reality. A veteran of several commercial construction projects, Dr. Niazi considers River Fly-In the crown jewel of his efforts.

He strongly believes that River Fly-In will be an ideal place for those who treasure the freedom of flight because, among other reasons, it will provide resident pilots unprecedented access to excellent facilities without having to bear the burden of construction and maintenance of the airport itself.

Dr. Niazi looks forward to having fellow pilots join him at River Fly-In so that they, too, can realize the benefits of living where the river and the runway meet.



Established in 1976, EDI is a global architecture, interior design and planning firm specializing in commercial, leisure, hospitality, residential and planning projects. Our professionals are nationally recognized experts in their respective fields of multi-family, hospitality, leisure, commercial office and housing.

As a dedicated team, we work together to form a strong combination of project knowledge and experience. Our company goal is client satisfaction.EDI's commitment to unconventional design, technology and quality is recognized by the nearly 150 industry awards for excellence in architecture, interior design and planning.

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